Mobimeo CEO Kalle Greven on #1 of Business Punk Watchlist for “Mobility & Property” 2019

Kalle Greven is convinced that “More offers and more options are not automatically improving the situation from the customers’ point of view.”
“This is exactly where we come into place.”

We are simplifying the access to the urban mobility ecosystem. Together with our partners and the industry we are supporting customers with navigating through the city. The range goes from offering a digital navigation system for public transport, through simple multimodality and smart ticketing. People are supposed to be less dependent on their own cars and instead are benefiting from an attractive, public mobility service in urban areas.

As enabler of the industry we are developing digital building blocks that are supplementing existing apps. We are combining user data with our Tech-Know-How and market knowledge and hence, empower mobility providers to improve their business with this additional data. For smart mobility and more liveable cities.”

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