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Today, the range of mobility services on offer is wider than ever. Together with our partners, we are seizing the opportunity of connected mobility to deliver these offers to users of our apps, so they can find the fastest and most sustainable way to get around. Whichever means of transport they choose, our apps reliably guide users through the urban jungle to their destination. 

The sharing offers of our partners provide a convenient transfer to the nearest stop, ensuring an optimal connection to public transport. They can also offer an alternative to the usual route when conditions have changed or the user feels like switching things up. Combined connections and intermodal route guidance make the journey from A to B quicker and more comfortable.

Our public transport partners

Step by step from A to B

The Companion takes the passenger information in the BVG FahrInfo App to a new level. It accompanies users on their public transport journey, reminds them when they need to change and suggests alternative routes.
To the extent they wish, users are intuitively navigated through Berlin’s public transport system.

All mobility services from a single source

The Mobility Stuttgart App is the perfect Mobility-as-a-Service solution. It combines routing, public transport ticketing and sharing services in a single app. Since they are always shown the most relevant transport options, users can count on finding the best route from A to B.

New digital services – focus on commuters

Together with S-Bahn Berlin, we are developing a new alternative public transport app. The Berlin Connect App enhances the digital offering of Berlin’s rapid transit railway system. The app combines public transport with sharing services and offers easy, contactless ticket purchasing for local transport. Users can save their most frequent journeys as route alerts, so they will be promptly informed of any delays or train cancellations.
All the key travel info at a glance – in a single app.

Our sharing partners

Car sharing

Sometimes you need your own set of wheels. Our route search will show you hundreds of free-floating cars from SHARE NOW, Miles Mobility and SIXT share. Simply book your vehicle and avoid parking stress with our Park+Ride feature.

Bike sharing

In collaboration with RegioRad Stuttgart and DB Call a Bike, we link public transport with flexible bike sharing.

E-Scooter sharing

Electric stand-up scooters from VOI make easy work of the short ride to the nearest public transport station.

Moped sharing

Zipping through the city on two wheels. We make it happen in partnership with the flexible electric moped sharing services Emmy and Stella.

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