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Mobility is part of our DNA. That’s why we have grown from an early pioneer into one of Europe’s largest platform developers for MaaS solutions. As a partner of transport companies and associations as well as alternative mobility providers, we work with our customers to develop digital solutions that never cease to excite users.

Thanks to continuous app analysis and feedback from users, we understand what features they really need, what makes a pleasant UX (user experience) and an intuitive UI (user interface). In other words, we constantly strive to be better.

Mobility solutions that break the mould

Route search: public transport linked with sharing and on-demand alternatives

The variety of mobility options on offer in cities is overwhelming for users. To make it easy for them to choose the right service, we combine public transport with sharing and on-demand services in one app. On the principle that less is more, we only show the most relevant connections that match the personal preferences of the user while giving an instant overview of all the transport modes to choose from. At the same time, we enable transport providers to integrate any regionally available data sources into the search function, so users benefit from the most up-to-date information available.

Park+Ride beats stop & start

On average, people in Germany waste 41 hours every year looking for somewhere to park. What’s more, commuters from outlying areas have to deal with traffic jams, high parking fees and rising travel costs. The Park+Ride function makes it easier for them to transfer to public transport.

As well as displaying the probability of finding parking at their destination, the app shows users intermodal routes using their own car to reach the nearest P+R station. Detailed information on car park occupancy, fees and payment methods makes it easier for users to select the best option. Mobimeo also enables the integration of regionally available data sources.

Ticketing: keep it quick and simple

Complex fare structures in public transport are a source of some confusion for users. Now route-based ticketing means no one needs to get lost in a jungle of fares. Users who already know what ticket they need can buy it directly in the ticket store, after a quick registration process, using a variety of contactless payment methods.

In addition to route-based ticketing, we can reproduce all common fare models – such as zones, rings or honeycomb – and integrate corresponding ticketing systems. The ticket layout adheres to current guidelines and complies with the VDV Core Application.

Live navigation: Companion, our navigation system for public transport

Many people experience journeys by public transport as stressful, especially when they have to change trains or alter their planned route.
Not only does the Companion know the best connection, it accompanies users on each step of their public transport journey. It considers the optimal entrances and exits at each stop or station and sends push notifications to remind users where to board, exit or change during the journey, even if the app is running in the background – and using accessible audio navigation if required.
In the event of delays or disruptions, users receive suggestions for alternative routes, so they can always count on reaching their destination.

Route alerts: notification of any delays, disruptions or engineering works

To ensure they arrive relaxed and on time on frequently travelled routes such as the commute to work, users need to be informed about any delays, disruptions or engineering works. Mobimeo’s route alert function actively monitors connections on routes that users have saved. It proactively informs users of any delays, disruptions or engineering works via push notifications before they set off. As the perfect travel escort, route alerts suggest alternative ways to reach the destination as quickly as possible.

MobiSupport: customer support made easy

Mobility-as-a-Service solutions and multimodal apps bring special requirements for customer support teams. Our web-based back-office tool “MobiSupport” targets precisely those specific requirements and helps customer service agents to respond to support requests quickly and efficiently.
The tool offers a variety of features that assist customer service teams in supporting app users. As for the apps based on our MaaS platform, we highly value feedback and continuously develop MobiSupport together with our partners.
Read more about MobiSupport in our blog.

Our products in the corporate design of your brand

Mobimeo develops white-label apps that can be configured according to the mobility provider’s corporate design specifications, so users can enjoy the look and feel of their trusted brands.

Colours are one of the most important elements. Each configuration features two to three “highlight colours” that are used for selected UI components such as buttons, illustrations and other distinctive elements.

Partnering with Mobimeo pays off

MaaS solutions based on Mobimeo’s technological platform are the digital interface between users and mobility services, paving the way for lasting success in the market. We combine the industry expertise of a leading mobility company with the agility of a tech start-up to develop the ideal solutions for tomorrow’s mobility. We keep the specific needs of public transport in mind and enable simple digital sales. We act as a partner, supporting our customers through the entire process from conception to go-live – and beyond: by evaluating how the apps are used, surveying user needs and providing new features, we are constantly enhancing and refining our products.

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