One mission,
two answers.

As a technology company, we offer digital solutions to help mobility providers improve their market offering. We present two ways to do this:

Starter Kit

The all-in-one package for those new to the digital mobility market.

Building Blocks

Innovative software components that can be seamlessly integrated into existing mobility apps.

Starter Kit – Everything you need in just one app

The Starter Kit offers transport associations and companies without their own app an easy way to offer digital products. It is a fully functional white-label app that focuses on the most important functions – routing and ticketing. The Starter Kit can be extended with further components at any time.

Companion – Navigation for public transport

Companion is a navigation system for public transport. Not only does it find the best connections, it also reliably accompanies the user step by step from A to B just like a navigation system in a car.

If there are deviations from the planned route – because a train is delayed, for example – Companion informs the user and suggests alternatives. This way, the user is guided safely to his destination, even on complicated routes.

Mode – Connects public transport with sharing providers

Mode suggests relevant alternative methods of transportation, such as bicycles, cars or scooters, within the user’s usual app for public transport. This is especially useful if it means the destination can be reached faster or with fewer changes. As a learning system, preferences for means of transport are also taken into account – the user can choose a different ride each day, depending on their mood and the weather.

Your partner, your future.

As a venture from Deutsche Bahn AG, public mobility is in our DNA. We support mobility companies in developing apps and successfully placing them on the market. Thereby we rely on long-term partnerships and ensure that our mobility solutions inspire their customers today and tomorrow. Through close cooperation with our customer research team, transportation companies can learn more about what interests their customers and select mobility modules that the end customers really want.

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