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The Berlin Connect app of S-Bahn Berlin combines the timetable information for Berlin and Brandenburg with the offers of sharing services. Ideal for all users who want a simple, streamlined mobility app with the most important functions, it features multimodal routing, a ticket shop and push notifications for delays, disruptions and engineering works.

Launch: Q3/2020

App highlights

Multimodal routing: the optimal route using the preferred mode of transport

Route search integrates public transport and various sharing alternatives in a single app

Personal preferences are taken into account (e.g. modes of transport, accessibility)

Ticket shop: straight to the right ticket

Quick registration process

Contactless payment with various payment methods including PayPal, SEPA direct debit and credit card

Route alerts: informed ahead of time

Frequently travelled routes can be saved as favourites

Push notifications of any current delays, disruptions and engineering works

Integrated mobility provider

What our partner says

“If we are to reach our climate targets as a society, a strong public transport system is essential. For people who still prefer using their own car, we want to make our service so attractive that we’ll win them over as passengers in the future. Besides the high quality of our transport operations, this means offering an easy-to-use app for accessing the system and linking public transport with numerous alternative mobility providers, so leaving your own car at home becomes a genuinely appealing option.”

Heiko Lindner 

Head of Passenger Marketing
and Product Innovation at S-Bahn Berlin

What users say

“Finally an app for local transport that is simple, streamlined and functional.
Very nice“

Google PlayStore review, S-Bahn Berlin Connect, 28/07/2020

“Great design and easy to use
Finally an app for local transport that’s easy to use and does what it’s supposed to. The route alerts for delays are great too. Keep it up!“

Apple App Store review, S-Bahn Berlin Connect, 30/07/2020

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