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360° mobility

Our team comes from all over the world with all kinds of backgrounds – from mobility experts to data geeks and social scientists.

We are united by one mission: together, we want to make it easier for everyone to use urban mobility solutions so that their own car becomes a memory of the past. For more liveable cities and a conscious approach to the environment.

Our technology solutions are setting new mobility standards for millions of people. In order to drive our strong growth, we are looking for international mobility geeks and experts to implement these visions with us.

What motivates us

I develop unique mobile products with a lean, stylish design.

Hasnain – mobile engineer
We focus a lot on user experience design – whether it’s persona-based, with internal testing periods or with beta test phases. We know what the user is looking for. I am a mobile iOS engineer and for me it is essential to present our products in a lean, stylish kind of way.

We work closely with some of the biggest players in the mobility and tech industry. I am often asked how that is possible for a newly founded company. The answer is simple: we are totally focused on our users and want to develop great mobile products exclusively for them.

I make sure that every product detail has a real benefit for the user.

Karla – UX Researcher
At Mobimeo my job is to put the voice of the user at the center of our discussions. In the Research & Insights team, we bring on-board consumer insights and market learnings that help to inspire the strategy and product development. I love how my team is motivated to do the right thing for the users.

I love to come to work and see that we are truly working towards building a better mobility future, where we focus on the user needs. The environment at Mobimeo is open, friendly, collaborative and supportive. You always feel free to expose your ideas and point of view. Respect is key for us. The diversity we have at Mobimeo is one of the things I also like the most. You always learn about new cultures and new countries.

I identify potential customers, initiate the sales process and keep an eye on the market and competitive developments.

Thomas – business development
Our products connect traditional public transport with new sharing options to make getting from A to B easier and more convenient – simultaneously rendering individually owned cars unnecessary.

I am part of an international team. Tasks range from strategic to very hands-on, while our team makes sure that every step of the way is good fun. You can see the enthusiasm in people. Everyone really wants to have a positive impact on our urban centres.
Together, we want to increase our footprint on the market and spread the word about our great products!

My job is to find new talent for Mobimeo.

Franziska – HR Generalist
Mobimeo is growing rapidly. One of my tasks is to find amazing people that are enthusiastic about smart mobility and passionate about changing the accessibility of cities.

For these new team members, it is important to provide a structured and informative onboarding. When I started, I had the pleasure of being part of an Onboarding Day, even though the company was still in its infancy. Now, I am one of those responsible for developing these days for our new employees.
At Mobimeo, I learn new things every day that prepare me for a more senior position in the future. I am so thankful to have that opportunity!

How we act

Building partnerships
We are one team, together with our mobility partners. We develop innovative products to help them delight their customers. Their success is our success.
Respectfully Challenging
We take the initiative and push each other to become better. We listen to others and take their opinions into account.
Being brave
We encourage each other to make informed decisions, instead of waiting for permission. Taking risks and accepting failures is part of our success.
Driving smart mobility
We work as a team to develop urban mobility solutions. An interest in mobility and the necessary technology plays an important role.
Having a positive impact
We want to change how people move in urban regions. To this end, we are developing products that fulfil our vision of cities worth living in.
Doing the right thing for the user
What counts in the end is an enthusiastic user. We are always one step ahead so as to develop relevant solutions that impress.
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Keep moving!

We want each of us to be able to take a step forward every day. Therefore, we support everyone with further training, healthy food, the best technology and, of course, mobility.

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Join our team!

We need international mobility geeks and experts to turn our visions into real solutions. If you share our interest in maximum mobility with minimum traffic, apply now!