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We change
how cities move

As a partner of cities, transport companies and transport associations, we help mobility providers to enhance their digital offerings and delight their customers.

We offer digital products with a modern design and sophisticated user guidance to easily link public transport and sharing services. We position our products where the user already is – in the apps of mobility companies. The common goal is to create an attractive and relaxed travel experience for millions of people in public transportation, beyond the private car.

Mobimeo was founded in 2018 as a subsidiary of Deutsche Bahn AG. In 2020 Mobimeo acquired part of moovel Group GmbH (moovel). Mobimeo has thus become one of the largest platform developers for Mobility as a Service applications in Europe.

A strong team

Together with our partners, we are driving the transformation to smart mobility.

John David von Oertzen – CEO
Together with his team, John David pursues a clear vision – everyday mobility should be fun. With Mobimeo’s digital products, he wants to create easy access to “smart mobility” away from the private car.

Driving the development of the next generation of urban mobility products.

Darryl Feldman – CPO
Darryl is a seasoned product leader with 20+ years of experience specialising in innovation, strategy and development with a focus on end consumers & user experience. He is passionate about creating products that are not only innovative in some way but also serve real human needs and have a meaningful purpose – helping to create a better future for both businesses and society.

Together with our partners, we develop products to make mobility easy and accessible for everyone.

Heike Löffler – CCO
Heike Löffler has over 8 years of experience in the mobility industry. Her aim is to support mobility partners in inspiring customers with the diversity of public mobility and to rethink topics such as tariff systems and service planning with the help of digitisation.

We increase the sustainability of mobility by integrating modern technologies in one platform.

Oliver Wahlen – CTO
Oliver is a seasoned leader and brings several years of experience in leading and growing engineering and data science teams. He has been passionate about smart mobility for a long time.

Strong teams achieve strong results.

Kai Peter – CFO
Kai Peter has more than 15 years of professional experience in private equity and mergers & acquisitions. With the establishment of lean and dynamic structures he supports the further growth of the company. A consistent hands-on approach determines his actions.

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