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An international

We are tech experts from all over the world, united by one thing above all: the passion for our products that make life in cities easier for millions of people. Small, agile, autonomous and multidisciplinary teams each take responsibility for their own part of the Mobimeo ecosystem.

Our technology

Mobile and backend developers, UX designers, quality assurance (QA) and product managers work closely with our business teams to develop ideas, rapidly build prototypes and bring products to market. We rely on stable, proven technologies such as Scala, Kubernetes, TypeScript and Kotlin as well as technology partners such as AWS. We are continuously expanding our toolset with new technologies to help us solve challenges even faster. And when it comes to technical implementation, we fulfil the highest data protection requirements.

We grow with every task

With each new technology and method we adopt, the learning curve of our teams rises higher. We support every one of our employees in mastering new tools quickly to boost their effectiveness. “Commit on day one” is one of our mantras for onboarding new software developers.

Our key principles: What we’re all about

Workflow, not technologies

As we continue to develop our platform, we focus on improving our processes rather than tackling each new requirement with the technologies we already have. We try to find the right tool for each job, without limiting ourselves too much.

Simple, modular, composable

The Unix philosophy is widely known for preaching the virtues of simple, modular and composable software. Simplicity is an art – and we are passionate about it.

Automation through codification

Automation is the only way to manage multiple systems with minimal effort. Don’t do something twice; automate it.

Versioning through codification

Codification is the conviction that all processes in a software project should be written, stored and versioned as code. That’s why we use tools like Terraform to codify our infrastructure.

Being pragmatic and smart

We follow the “Scout rule”: Leave your code better than you found it.

What we work on every day

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