MobiTech podcast episode 1

Everything you always wanted to know about mobility tech.

Our MobiTech Podcast is hosted by Vinicius “Vini” Dourado, Engineering Lead at Mobimeo, and Ahmed Talaat (Talaat), Senior Android Engineer at Mobimeo. In biweekly episodes, they and their guests address challenging tech questions and how they are tackled at Mobimeo every day.

MobiTech episode 1: Scala and Functional Programming

In the first episode the hosts and their guest and colleague Lucas Satabin, Expert Backend Engineer, raise the topic of Scala and Functional Programming. 

At Mobimeo, Scala is used on a daily basis with a functional approach in the backend. For this purpose, libraries are applied to facilitate while coding. In this episode, Vini and Talaat talk about Cats and FS2 with their guest Lucas Satabin.

They dive deeper into why to use these libraries and consider the benefits but also the cons. With their guest, they discuss how the libraries work and how they are used at Mobimeo. Get to know our MobiTech podcast and learn more about Scala and Functional Programming using Cats and FS2.

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