We join forces – the first 100 days

February 15, 2021
2 min
Photo: Unsplash/Tim Grouw
Die Corona-Pandemie hat sich auf fast alle Bereiche des öffentlichen und privaten Lebens ausgewirkt. Auch mit Blick auf die Mobilität hat die Krise für noch nie da gewesene Verhältnisse gesorgt und Entwicklungen beschleunigt, die sich sonst wahrscheinlich erst in einigen Jahren realisiert hätten. Mobility-as-a-Service (MaaS) kann eine Lösung für Mobilitätsanbieter sein, um mit den Folgen der Pandemie umzugehen.
It has been 100 days since the merger of Mobimeo and parts of moovel, which has made us one of Europe's largest developers of Mobility-as-a-Service (MaaS) platforms. After the challenges of recent weeks – not least due to Covid-19 – we now have a clearer picture of the opportunities and possibilities open to our new company.
Author: Kai Peter, CFO

The same passion, the same goals

The starting point for the merger was the common ground that moovel and Mobimeo share: the mission to actively address climate change and the conviction that digitalisation can bring about a sustainable change in how various mobility options are used. What set the two companies apart was their DNA: moovel was part of a joint venture between Daimler Mobility AG and BMW Group, i.e. two car manufacturers. Mobimeo has its roots in Deutsche Bahn AG, so it was closely linked to local public transport from the very beginning.

Despite these differences, building bridges was straightforward. One thing the employees of both companies shared even before the merger is their passion for rethinking and redesigning mobility. The belief in working together to improve people’s quality of life in cities is what drives the new team. The cooperation of the shareholders creates the ideal conditions to achieve this goal.


Day 1

The starting point for the new company was Day 1, when the teams met for the first time, after months of preparation and planning, and had the chance to discuss concrete projects. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, Day 1 had to be held online. The participant count on the video call shot up to 170, giving an impressive illustration of the size of the company and sending the signal for the C-level management to present the next steps. In spite of the virtual format, everybody could sense the shared energy and willingness to make a difference together.

As the individual teams took deep dives into specific topics on the following days, we realised that we had already worked on many of the same issues before and even developed complementary solutions. Looking at the respective tech stacks, the potential arising from the combination of our know-how, technology and existing features was clearly evident.

Now, 100 days after the merger, we have made significant strides forward: we have developed a strategy for the new company, built powerful teams and laid the foundations for the technology platform that will enable us to develop the best offers for municipalities, transport associations and companies when it comes to MaaS solutions.


Continuity & progress

Our journey is far from over. As we move forward as a combined company, we face the challenge of marrying our past achievements with the tasks that lie ahead. One of the basic requirements for Mobimeo’s future success is to reliably continue existing partnerships and contracts. By standardising our joint platform, we are laying the foundations for future growth. At the same time, technical possibilities and user demands are changing at a rapid pace. That means we will continuously reinvent ourselves in the future as we work with our partners to drive innovations that offer optimal access to the latest mobility options. With this in mind, we will continue to develop our organisation and adapt our processes to the evolving marketplace. One thing’s for sure: we’re in for a thrilling ride!