We move the Stuttgart region

With the Mobility Stuttgart app

The multimodal mobility platform

The Mobility Stuttgart app combines all the benefits of connected mobility for people in the Stuttgart region in a single application. It provides users with the fastest public transport routes and suggests practical alternatives from sharing providers like SHARE NOW, Call-a-bike, TIER and Voi. Besides route search, the app offers ticketing solutions for both occasional and frequent users. For example, the latter can buy the Deutschland-Ticket, whereas thanks to the Check in - Be out functionality, occasional users are able to check in at the beginning of their trip and be checked out automatically upon arriving at their destination.

Furthermore, the app integrates the Park+Ride feature with the target to make it as easy as possible to switch to public transport and thus to reduce congestion in the city center. Also six DB Smart City’s Mobility Hubs can be found in the app. In addition to public transport connection, the hubs offer sharing options such as shared e-scooters, bikes and cars.

App highlights

Multimodal routing: the optimal route using the preferred mode of transport

Route search integrates public transport and various sharing alternatives in a single app

Personal preferences are taken into account (e.g. modes of transport)

Route-based ticketing: the shortcut to the right ticket

Easy ticket purchase following a suggestion based on the chosen route

Quick registration process and choice of various payment methods including PayPal, SEPA direct debit and credit card

Park+Ride: easily transfer
to public transport

Route search combining public transport 
with the user’s own car

Probability of finding parking at the destination 
is integrated into the detailed route view

Occupancy and price information from the P+R stations helps users plan the optimal route

Live Navigation: Be always up-to-date on your public transport journey in Stuttgart

Live-updates regarding disruptions, delays and alternative routes

Push notifications inform passengers about when to change on their journey

Barrier-free audio navigation

mobility providers

What our partner says

“We want to inspire passengers using the Mobility Stuttgart app by providing them with precisely the information and services they need to be mobile. The app is easy to use and finds the quickest and most sustainable route to the destination for the specific user. To achieve this, the app takes into account public transport and sharing services as well as the user’s own bike and car.”

Dr. Dirk Rothenstein
CEO of S-Bahn Stuttgart

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